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Triv Albino

triv Albino rosy boa

TRIV ALBINO (Selectively Bred)


The Triv Albino was first produced in 2000 by Scott Selstad.  In 1997 Selstad and Keith Carlson bred their Whitewater albino line into black striped Mexican rosys to create the hets that would produce these unusual looking albino boas.  Selstad was the first to see the albino outcome of this cross as Carlson had sold his hets to Tracy Barker before producing an albino. Barker subsequently produced an albino the next year. The black stripes on the Triv  become a lavender color when influenced by the albino gene. Background color appears yellow. This coloration is extremely pronounced as neonates. The Lavender stripes tend to brown out as adults. Eye color is dark. Chad Dorton has continued developing this cross by breeding back to normal trivs over multiple generations in an effort to maintain the lavender color into adulthood.

Triv Albino rosy boa
Triv Albino rosy boa
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