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Borrego Anerythristic

Borrego Anery rosy boa



In 1991 Jorden Perrett and his father Randy discovered what they believed to be a small female Anerythristic Rosy Boa while road cruising in lower Borrego.  In 1996 Jorden approached Keith Carlson at a Reptile show in San Diego offering to breed his suspected Anery female with one of Carlson's Albino Whitewaters in the hopes of eventually producing the first "snow" Rosy.  Carlson successfully bred the Anery female over a three year period creating a number of Double Hets.   The anery gene was proven out by these Double Hets to be simple recessive.  Additionally, the Carlson line snow was actually produced in 2001.

As neonates, the Anery Borrego line rosys appear only slightly darker in overall body color to their normal wild type siblings.  Eye color on the newborns is usually the give away, as it is very dark in comparison.  However, as it ages the Borrego Anery's colors darken and "blue" considerably.

An Adult Borrego line Anery exhibits a dark grey-blue background color. Its jagged striping appears brownish purple with dark black flecking evident in the interspaces. Its eye color remains very dark. All  Borrego line Anery's in collections today are derived from crossing the Anery Borrego gene into the Whitewater line. 

Borrego Anery rosy boa
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