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Coastal Anerythristic

Limburg Anery Rosy Boa



In 1993, the same year that Randy Limburg acquired the Albino Coastal he received the Anerythristic Coastal.  Limburg had put out the word to friends that he was collecting rosy boas to be used in the albino breeding project. A neighbor found a rosy near his home in Nuevo, California and left it in a bag on Limburg's front porch.  Limburg was surprised to find in the bag an older adult male with a dark bluish cast to it.  He later bred the male to a female Coastal in 1995. In 1998 the gene was proven after breeding the original male back to its het offspring.  The Anerythristic Coastal exhibits a grey-silver background color with slightly darker jagged striping and high degree of dark speckling attributable to the Coastals normal pattern influence.  Eye color is dark grey. In 2007 Limburg successfully created a snow rosy using this gene together with the Coastal Albino. Although using the Coastal Anerythristic gene did result in a solid white snake Limburg has chosen to continue referring to this morph as Anerythristic.  In separate breedings in 2010, Nick Smith and Kyle Rosenthal proved out that the Coastal Anery and the Borrego Anery do in fact carry compatible anerythristic genes.

Limburg Anery Rosy Boa
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