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Goldbarg Paradox Albino

Paradox Albino rosy boa

Paradox Albino (natural)


The Paradox Albino Rosy is a naturally occuring anomaly that was produced in 2015 by Michael Goldbarg. It is unknown whether this trait is genetically reproducible. However, the paradoxing expression exhibited by this rosy,  is  remarkably  similar in appearance to the paradoxing effect of the Kenyan sand boa which is a recessive gene.  Fingers will remain crossed on this project. In 2019 the female Paradox produced 3 male offspring. In 2021 she produced 4 female offspring. The male offspring will be bred back to her in 2022 in the hopes of proving out a recessive paradox gene. 

Paradox Albino rosy boa
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