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Albino Arizona Chocolate




The Albino Arizona Chocolate, or Harquahala Mt. Rosy, is unique from the other strains of albino rosys in that it was produced in captivity rather than originally wild caught. In 1995 John Domke acquired a pair of two year old normal phase Harquahala Mt. rosy's from friends who originally purchased them directly from Brendan McGraw. Domke bred the pair two years later in 1997, and was shocked to find a pair of albinos in a litter of four premature offspring.  Unfortunately all four neonates died hours after birth.  The 1998 breeding the following year produced the first live healthy albino Arizona Chocolate Rosy Boa and the "Domke" line was started.

The Albino Arizona Chocolate exhibits orange, fairly wide stripes on a pale yellow background. The thick amount of orange makes this albino easily distinguishable from the other strains of albinos. Eye color displays a light grey iris and a dark pupil. The Albino Arizona Chocolate is the only desert subspecies of albino rosy thus far.

Possible compatibility with the other albino strains has yet to be determined.

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