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Morongo Basin Axanthic

Morongo Axanthic rosy boa



In 1992 Don Wilson purchased a group of neonate normal wild type Morongo Valley rosy boas from Scott Selstad.  Selstad described the group he sold as 3rd generation "screamers" that he selectively bred out of his original wild caught parents. Wilson bred the group in 1994 and remarkably produced an anerythristic appearing rosy boa.  As unique as this new genetic discovery was, it also opened the possibility of now being able to create a white or "snow" rosy boa. With that intent, in 1996 Selstad purchased back for ten thousand dollars, the original het female along with the two year old Anery male and possible het siblings.  Selstad then bred the Anerythristic male to a number of Whitewater Albinos to create double heterozygous litters for the yet unproven "snow" rosy.  In 1999 the original male Anerythristic and het female, along with a number of double het possible snows, were sold with Selstads entire collection to Chad Dorton.

The Anerythristic Morongo Valley presents an extremely unique genetic color expression with purplish-grey jagged stripes overlaying a very light grey, blacked flecked background.  Its eyes appear black. This Anerythristic gene when mixed with the Whitewater Albino gene was subsequently proven by Chad Dorton to create a solid white rosy boa changing its reference name from Anerythristic to Axanthic.

Morongo Axanthic rosy boa
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