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Hypo Borrego

Hypo Borrego Rosy boa

HYPO BORREGO (Selectively Bred)


The area of Borrego incorporates the single largest  recognized rosy boa locale. Rosy boas found within this area can be highly variable in their appearance. In 1988 Scott Selstad collected a light appearing highly speckled Borrego rosy boa.  Selstad began selectively breeding  with this rosy to enhance the  look of diminished pigment, and successfully created a hypomelanistic appearing Borrego rosy line.  These "hypo" Borrego rosys were first marketed as such in 1993 and have continued to be refined in their appearance over the past twenty-five years.

The hypo Borrego remains somewhat variable in its appearance. The best examples show no prominent striping while combining a light silver background color devoid of black pigment, with an extremely high degree of orange speckling. Eye color is light with a dark pupil.

Hypo Borrego Rosy boa
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