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Albino Coastal

albino coastal rosy boa



    The Albino Coastal was found as a juvenile specimen in an unspecified area in the Temecula Valley of Riverside County California in the fall of 1993. The original discoverer gave it to a friend who kept it for a year before selling it to Randy Limburg in 1994.  The albino male specimen was in poor condition when Limburg took delivery. Limburg returned the boa to good health over the course of the next year.  In the spring of 1995 it was successfully bred to seven females that were collected within the same general area and the "Limburg" line was created. 

    The Albino Coastal is one of the largest rosy boa subspecies. It exhibits pale white to yellow interspaces, with extremely bright orange jagged striping and speckling. Eye color is pure red and remains today as the distinguishing characteristic between this albino and the other strains.  Breeding the Albino Coastal to the Albino Whitewater was accomplished by Nick Smith in 2002. That breeding produced no albinos proving incompatibility between these two albino strains.

Albino Coastal rosy boa
albino limburg rosy boa
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