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Allen Snow

Allen Snow female.jpg

ALLEN SNOW  (Designer)                                                            

In 2018 Mitch Allen, the developer of the Pioneertown Anery created the first Blue eyed snow rosy by breeding together Double hets for Whitewater Albino and Pioneertown Anery.  The female Snow produced was a bit unusual in coloration as small blotches of orange pigment bled thru her very light background color.  Her eyes exhibited the same Blue/grey coloration of the Pioneertown Anery. In 2022 Mitch again hit on the Snow with the same double hets, producing a pair of “Allen Snows”.  The 2023 season illuminated a very interesting outcome.  Mitch had purchased a Coastal Snow male at a reptile convention and decided to plug him into his original Allen snow.  Two offspring were produced. Surprisingly both were Anerythristic  indicating the Pioneertown and Coastal Anery genes are compatible.          

Allen Snow female closeup.jpg
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