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To commemorate the 2023 breeding season and to acknowledge the continued growth of our facebook community, (now over 3300 members),  I will be giving away a very limited, signed, 2023 Hardcover edition of           ROSY BOA MORPHS                                              a history of discovery and development 

     To be entered in this giveaway, simply get a friend or friends to join the “Rosy Boa Morphs and Localities” group page by clicking the “Join” button on the page. They will be asked in the membership questions to identify you as the member who referred them.  Make sure you remind your friends to write your name in the answer Box when requesting to join. Also, once they are approved they simply need to visit the group page one time.  Your name will then be entered into an automated “Wheel of Names" random name selector. The entry deadline will be Friday October 28th at 6:00pm. The Wheel of Names selector will be posted on the Facebook page Halloween day at Noon Pacific Time and a winner will be selected!

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